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Free Technology for Teachers: SchoolCircle - Organize Your Communication to Parents f

SchoolCircle is a free service that is designed to help elementary school teachers organize communication to the parents of their students. SchoolCircle offers many of the features of Google+ Communities without the need for parents to join Google+.

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Apps You Could Be Using: Kahoot f




With student devices or computers, Kahoot can become a great way to get an assessment on how your students understood certain material. Kahoot will allow you to create a quiz, and have students take the quiz question by question by entering your class code on their device. You pick…

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Free Technology for Teachers: Two Google Apps Updates You Might Have Missed This Week f

This week Google released a couple of updates that many of us have been eagerly waiting on for months. The most significant of those updates is the release of the Google Slides iPad app. The app allows you to create and edit Google Slides presentations on your iPad. The app also supports editing PPT files on your iPad. And as you would expect from Google, the Google Slides iPad app supports collaborative editing of slide content. Click here to grab the new Google Slides iPad app.

The second update of note, although not nearly as significant as the iPad app update, is a new way to search for special characters in Google Slides, Documents, and Drawings. You can now perform a keyword search for special characters to insert into your slides, documents, and drawings. To perform a keyword search open the “insert” menu then select “special characters.”


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Collaborating with Book Creator: Combine Books f

Did you know that you can combine books in the Book Creator app to make a collaborative book? You can, and it’s really simple! What a great way to combine student books, or pages, into a collaborative work.

Books need to be combined from one iPad. So, if your students are creating books on different iPads, they’ll need to follow the first two steps before combining books.

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Who's Who and Who's New: Teacher Training Bootcamp f

If you will recall from my previous posts {here} and {here}, I offered help in providing tips of how to infuse technology into the classroom. I have had several people respond to my offer and it really means a lot to me to help in this way. I know from experience technology is not going to revolutionize education, but when technologies are being used by the extraordinary talents of teachers, great things can happen. This is why I am so passionate about getting the word out. Technology does make a difference!

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Are you a Google Drive / Google Docs fan? Do you take notes, compose papers, construct spreadsheets, and build presentations in real-time on the web while collaborating with others? I’m not necessarily promoting Google Drive; just merely pointing out a few of the powerful ways the free tool can help you save time and keep you better organized.

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This sheet walks you through the very basics of Edmodo down to the more advanced features. I’d recommend you checking it out on Google Drive so you can take advantage of the clickable links, by the way. That should save you even more time!

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As a teacher, Edmodo can help you :

  • Provide your students with an enriching writing environment where they can compose, collaborate and share their writing projects with peers, teachers and family.
  • Encourage real-time discussion and extend learning beyond the classroom through using Edmodo as a backchannel.
  • Create a global classroom where you can invite students from other parts of the world to meet your students and develop language skills, communicational skills, skills of initiative, problem solving, self awareness and working collaboratively in teams.
  • Maintain a  communicational channel with parents and keep them updated on the classroom activities throughout the whole year.
  • Create book clubs where students can get to develop their reading and writing skills.
  • Create a teacher lounge where teachers from your school can discuss ideas and share content.
  • Create a group for your class and use it to communicate upcoming assignments, quizzes, tests, due dates, class events, announcements and many more.
  • Create alumni groups where students can keep in touch and stay connected with each other.

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